What cities in Massachusetts are great for first time home buyers?

Choosing the best cities in Massachusetts for first-time home buyers involves considering factors such as affordability, job opportunities, schools, and overall quality of life. As of 2023, the following cities and towns in Massachusetts were recognized as being good choices for first-time home buyers:

  1. Worcester: As Massachusetts’ second-largest city, Worcester offers more affordability than the Boston metro area. It has been undergoing revitalization, and the city has numerous amenities, including parks, museums, and a growing food scene.
  2. Lowell: Another city undergoing revitalization, Lowell offers historic charm, cultural attractions, and more affordable housing options than many other parts of the state.
  3. Springfield: Located in western Massachusetts, Springfield provides an urban environment with a lower cost of living. It’s home to several museums and is near the outdoor recreational opportunities of the Berkshires.
  4. Chicopee: Close to Springfield, Chicopee offers even more affordability, with easy access to the amenities of the larger city and the natural beauty of western Massachusetts.
  5. Pittsfield: Located in the Berkshires, Pittsfield is surrounded by natural beauty and offers a range of cultural attractions. The cost of living is relatively low compared to eastern parts of the state.
  6. Leominster: Located in north-central Massachusetts, Leominster is known for its friendly community and more reasonable housing prices. It’s situated between Worcester and the Nashua, NH region, offering relatively good job opportunities.
  7. Fitchburg: Near Leominster, Fitchburg also offers affordability and a community feel. It’s home to Fitchburg State University and has been seeing some revitalization in recent years.
  8. New Bedford: For those who love coastal living but can’t afford the high prices of Cape Cod or the Boston suburbs, New Bedford provides an affordable alternative. It’s rich in history and culture, particularly related to its whaling heritage.
  9. Taunton: Located south of Boston, Taunton offers a combination of affordability, history, and convenience. It’s situated between Boston and Providence, making it possible for residents to commute to jobs in either city.
  10. Westfield: Near Springfield, Westfield provides a combination of suburban and rural living. It’s home to Westfield State University and offers a pleasant community environment.

While the cities and towns listed above tend to be more affordable than some of Massachusetts’ more sought-after suburbs, prices have been rising throughout the state. Therefore, it’s crucial for first-time home buyers to thoroughly research current housing prices, property taxes, and other costs in any area they’re considering. Working with a local real estate agent can also help in finding the best fit for individual needs and budgets.  Learn about first time home buyer programs today by contacting one of our professional mortgage brokers.

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